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We specialize in construction, as well as the maintenance of all types of equipment and facilities, such as:

• Effluent Treatment Plants
• Water treatment plants
• State-of-the-art equipment for lateral load collection
• Declogging equipment
• Lifting plants
• Waste separation equipment
• Burying of containers

Comprehensive maintenance and improvement of environmental health teams.

We present our new range of services focused on addressing operational needs, registration and maintenance of municipal solid waste collection side loading.

Meeting the demands of our customers in reference to the problems and complexity of the operation of equipment, lack of response from manufacturers, technical failures, difficult access to information operations and lack of different types of spare parts, we are convinced that these services will contribute to improving service quality and reduced operating and maintenance costs.

•Noticeable simplification of equipment operation.
•Installing a panel of simple, robust and economic control.
•Installing a system of visual monitoring of operation, independent of the
•Replacement of the electronic automation equipment, installing industrial systems Siemens / Schneider
•Elimination of redundant sensors..
•Replacement of encoders for robust sensor system..
•Reduced work cycle time: less than a minute per container.
•Minimal training operation.
•Increased overall equipment reliability.
•Modification of the hydraulic system, solving design problems.
•Optimization of the duty cycle, reducing considerably the operation,
breakage of containers by violent movements..
•Rapid detection of non-operating sensors, through an application developed for this purpose and executed on Windows operating system and wi-fi connectivity.

Installing an electronic monitoring equipment on public roads, protecting information in a storage unit which can be accessed through a wi-fi connection.
This facility allows you to check the equipment operating conditions and in case of any accident, have the information of what happened.

Full information on each operation is provided for the operational monitoring of the unit, from leaving the base until it returns, recording the time and duration of each event:
1. Complete work cycle
2. Cycle incomplete work
3. Equipment reset
4. Emergency Stop
5. Detention Unit

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