Tuesday 12 August 2014, by TNA

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Our professional team is trained to handle any package, regardless of size. We have equipment for rigging and moving large pieces.

The softness in the fitting of each piece, spaced by a thin lubricant layer, must be taken into account for optimal functioning and durability. Each component of a gearbox must be treated delicately and individually in order to optimize efficiency in energy transmission, as well as lower friction loss. That is our goal.

Windlasses, winches and hoists
Turning, lowering, stopping and releasing at the proper moment are also part of our responsibility. As we understand perfectly the importance of these machines and their effect on the safety of those who operate them, we strive to treat each component as unique, ensuring that the maneuvers are always successful.

Lifting packages, hoses and supplies is part of the operational tasks of the ship. We ensure that each power block, each cable and each hook operates safely and efficiently in order to maximize the operating times imposed by the commercial needs of the market.

Machinery in situ
Our machinery is especially designed to work on crankshafts, axles, horns and parts that cannot be moved. It is at your disposal.

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